SOF Warrior Innovation Technology Collaboration Huddle (SWITCH)

Dates: 13-14 October 2023 and 28-29 November 2023
Location: Various

This event is only open to US Government employees

PEO SOF Warrior will host the 2023 SOF Warrior Innovation Technology Collaboration Huddle (SWITCH) on 12-13 Oct and 28-29 Nov 2023.  The purpose of this event is for USSOCOM Program Managers to collaborate with other government stakeholders to (1) achieve transparency with regard to four designated Capability Areas of Interest (CAI): Next Generation Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Loitering Capabilities, Ground Mobility, and Electronic Warfare; (2) synchronize similar efforts across government and agency organizations with the intent to team, leverage resources and accelerate acquisition activities to field capabilities faster; and (3) develop a holistic, unified ‘site picture’ in support of future acquisition efforts. 

SWITCH is a government only event and the intended participants are at the action officer level. 


Next Generation ISR (CAI 1: 12-13 Oct 2023)
Next Generation Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) is intended to help decision makers anticipate change, mitigate risk, and shape outcomes. The DOD defines ISR as “an integrated operations and intelligence activity that synchronizes and integrates the planning and operation of sensors, assets, and processing, exploitation, and dissemination systems in direct support of current and future operations.”

    • Horizontal ISR
    • Digital Tradecraft ~ Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS)
    • Cyber ISR
    • Commercial ISR ~ Space Based

Loitering Capabilities (CAI 2: 12-13 Oct 2023)
Our intent is to canvas the entire loitering capability ecosystem and develop a “master” Technology Insertion Roadmap across all program offices. The end state is a shared understanding of platforms, technology, and vision in the loitering capability space across SOCOM and Service program offices.

    • Autonomy
    • Automatic Target Recognition
    • Alternative and Non-Kinetic Payloads

Ground Mobility (CAI 3: TBD Date) 
Modernizing Ground Mobility through capability integration: In order to modernize the future SOF Ground Mobility fleet, the Program Office must integrate non-mobility capabilities to allow the SOF operators perform the core tasks in all domains.  The ground mobility platforms must be adaptable to allow for insertion of rapidly emerging SOF capabilities such as C-UAS, SIGINT, Precision Strike, etc.

    • 2024 FOSOV Ground Mobility RODEO CAPEX
    • Mobility in Contested Environments
    • Signature Management (SIGMAN)
    • SOF Mod Kits

Electronic Warfare (CAI 4: 28-29 Nov 2023)
Electronic Warfare Family of Systems (EWFoS) provides capabilities for ground, maritime, air, space, and directed energy domains.  The EWFoS includes mounted, dismounted/body worn, small unmanned payload, and unattended ground sensors to create offensive and defensive effects in the electromagnetic spectrum to support maneuver, situational awareness, and force protection.

    • Current EW Portfolios
    • Emerging Requirements
    • Developmental Projects

Registration for SWITCH 2023
Thank you for your interest in SWITCH23.
Please Click Here to Request to Attend the Next Gen ISR topic (Register NLT 02 October 11:59 PM ET)
Please Click Here to Request to Attend the Loitering Capabilities topic (Register NLT 02 October 11:59 PM ET)
Please Click Here to Request to Attend the Ground Mobility topic (Register NLT 20 October 11:59 PM ET)
Please Click Here to Request to Attend the Electronic Warfare topic (Register NLT 13 November 11:59 PM ET)

This event is NOT being held at SOFWERX.

This SWITCH event will be held at various locations:

The Next Gen ISR topic will be held at Arthur Lundahl Conference Center NGA 7500 GEOINT Dr, Springfield, VA (Goddard Room); SMO Code: W3NRAAL2-100, POC: Force Support; POC Ph #: (571) 557-0500

The Loitering Capabilities topic will be held at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) located 75599 Sanner Rd (Bldg 26), Clarksville, MD 21029; Pass Visit Authorization Requests (VARs) via DISS to the following SMO code: 888984

The Electronic Warfare topic will be held at Joint Special Operations University (JSOU), 5200 Tampa Point Blvd, MacDill AFB, FL; SMO Code: MA3DFJU04

The Ground Mobility topic will be held at a location to be determined.

For questions about the Next Gen ISR topic, contact Mr. Stephen Kretz – PEO SOF Warrior,

For questions about the Loitering Capabilities topic, please contact: Maritime Special Programs/ PMS 340 Contacts:

     LCDR Robert Seader:; (M) (970) 631-2696

     CWO3 James Pappillion:; (O) (201) 781-3086

APL Contacts:

     Mr. Patrick Cook:; (M) (240) 564-5785

     Mr. Scott Biddle:; (M) (240) 475-2926

For questions about the Ground Mobility topic, please contact Mr. Paul Foxx, Desk: (813) 826-2979

For questions about the Electronic Warfare topic, please contact Mr. Jason Mayer, Desk: (813) 826-8472

For event questions, contact the PEO SW SWITCH Action Officer: Mrs. Christi Walden, Desk: (813) 826-5218;

For SOFWERX Registration Issues, please contact: Ms. Gabby Robles, 813-435-9693;

Event Powered by SOFWERX
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