Learn about SOFWERX Events

Assessment Event (AE)

USSOCOM submits specific problems to solve and SOFWERX utilizes its ecosystem and Market Research to attract best-of-breed submissions to solve the problem. USSOCOM subsequently reviews the submissions and selects participants with the highest value to present and/or demonstrate their capability in a one-on-one session with Government Stakeholders.

Collaboration Event (CE)

Warfighters, Industry, Academia and National Labs participate in design thinking sessions to ideate on specific challenge areas and develop actionable plans for effective implementation to achieve their goals. Outcomes from a CE shape future efforts, projects and events.

Rapid Prototyping Event (RPE)

~Two month events designed to rapidly identify, prototype and drive effective outcomes to complex or challenging problem areas utilizing low cost, innovative technologies or techniques.


Warfighter challenges are posted on www.teamwerx.org, and the teamwerx ecosystem is allocated approximately two months to submit innovative solutions to those challenges. USSOCOM subsequently reviews submissions and selects winners to receive cash prizes. (Length of challenges and award amounts vary)

Tech Talk

Renowned Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) present mission-relevant topics to a Government, Academia, Industry and National Lab audience.

Government, Industry, Academia and National Lab participants interested in combating fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, cryptocurrency, international bribery and human trafficking come together to hear expert speakers on a quarterly basis.

Tech Sprint

~Two week event designed to rapidly modify existing, innovative solutions to satisfy a specific USSOCOM challenge based on Government and Warfighter suggestions.


Meet with USSOCOM representatives to discuss “How to Conduct Business with USSOCOM.”

For more information, visit: www.sofwerx.org/esof


A multi-day event focused on bringing together the most disruptive and game-changing technologies/capabilities for Government Stakeholder review.

Feasibility Study

A preliminary investigation into the potential benefits associated with undertaking a specific technology or method. The purpose of such a study is to conduct an in-depth analysis and determine it’s efficacy and what (if any) future resource investments will yield a desirable result.


A competitive, short-fused event for participants to work in groups on current, specific Warfighter challenges. The most innovative solutions have the opportunity to win cash prizes.

A week-long hackathon for Warfighters to complete mission-relevant, self-nominated projects with the assistance of Industry and Academic SME’s. The project instruction sets are then posted online for other End Users to reference for future use.

STEM Events

SOFWERX collaborates with schools and academic organizations to introduce students to the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


A multi-phased, competitive opportunity to present new, novel or provocative solutions to Government Stakeholders in a one-on-one environment that can lead to a near-term award.

SOFWERX Event Pathways