SOF Warrior Innovation Technology Collaboration Huddle (SWITCH)

Dates: 25-26 October 2022
Location: NTS Pinewood Facility, Tampa, FL

This event is only open to US Government employees.

PEO SOF Warrior will host the 2022 SOF Warrior Innovation Technology Collaboration Huddle (SWITCH) on 25-26 Oct 22.  The purpose of this event is for USSOCOM Program Managers to collaborate with other government stakeholders to (1) achieve transparency with-regard-to three designated Capability Areas of Interest (Battlefield/Battlespace Awareness, Future Ground Mobility Strategic Alignment, and Next Generation Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance); (2) synchronize similar efforts across government and agency organizations with intent to team, leverage resources and accelerate acquisition activities to field capabilities faster; and (3) a holistic, unified ‘site picture’ in support of future acquisition efforts.  SWITCH is a government only event and the intended participants are at the action officer level. 


  1. Battlefield / Battlespace Awareness
    Battlefield / Battlespace Awareness led by Gene Rooker (Deputy Program Manager SOF Lethality).

    • Autonomy. The application of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities integrated into ground, maritime, and air robots with the overall intent to reduce cognitive load, increase battlefield awareness and ensure dominant adversarial overmatch against Great Power competitors in a contested environment.
    • Autonomy Integration. The integration of human-machine teaming capabilities between the operator and ground/maritime/air robots with the desired end state to reduce overall cognitive load of the operator. Autonomous integration supports increased battlefield awareness, kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities, and the utilization of robots (ground/air) to apply precision combat power for the ground force commander/operators to ensure standoff and maintain dominant adversarial overmatch.
    • Hyper Enabled Operator. “Hyper Enabled Operator (HEO) Architecture: A Government-Owned Interface Control Document (ICD) detailing open architecture protocols to share tactical data amongst Visual Augmentation Systems (VAS), and other components that communicate with VAS devices, to increase the speed and effectiveness and decrease the cognitive load of our operators in order to provide the force with more lethal and decisive effects.”)
  2. Future Ground Mobility Strategic Alignment
    Future Ground Mobility Strategic Alignment led by Paul Foxx & MAJ Bishop (Program Manager Family Of Special Operations Vehicles)

    • Future Requirements. Discussion and User briefings on emerging requirements near, mid, and far.
    • Vehicle Subsystems. Includes Hybrid, Lethality, Cyber Protection, Operational Integration Efforts. Discussions on systems of system design approaches across the portfolio platforms.
    • Sustainment. Discussions will cover SOCOM sustainment strategies involving Service and/or Joint Program Office support.
    • Autonomous Integration – Ground. Discussion will cover upcoming activities associated with electrification and autonomous mobility platform solutions.
    • Signature Management (SIGMAN). Discussions will involve collateral level SIGMAN activities and solutions.
  3. Next Generation ISR
    Next-Generation Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance led by Program Manager Sensitive Activities (PM-SA), supported by other PEO-SW Program Management Offices. These discussions will be classified, and attendees are approved via invite only. Once approved you will receive additional instructions for passing clearances. Prospective attendees must coordinate ahead of time with the lead POC:

    Program Manager, Sensitive Activities

Registration Closed (20 OCT)
Thank you for your interest in SWITCH22. Registration is now CLOSED. We look forward to seeing you at SWITCH 2023!
This event is not being held at SOFWERX. This SWITCH event will be held at NexTech Solutions, 6701 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL. 33611.   

Event Timeline
From Tuesday, 25 October 2022 to Wednesday, 26 October 2022, after opening comments, three separate groups will form under their respective capability area of interest. Each group will have a separate conference room to brief and discuss their specific subtopics during the three half-day sessions, listed as breakout topic sessions in the agenda below. The first day will have a full day of discussions and briefs. The second day will only have discussions and briefs in the morning and then will have a half day executive out brief in the afternoon.


AGENDA Tuesday, 25 Oct 2022

0800-0900: Check-in, OPSEC and agenda overview

0900-0930: Senior Leader opening remarks hosted by COL HA, PEO-SOF Warrior

0930-1230: Breakout topic session

1230-1330: Lunch (Individuals are on their own)

1330-1630: Breakout topic session

1700: No Host Social at the Salt Shack, 5415 W Tyson Ave, Tampa, FL 33611

NOTE: Designated PEO-SW Program Managers will be responsible for note taking and organizing out briefs.

AGENDA Wednesday, 26 Oct 2022

0800-1130: Arrival and check-in to Breakout topic session

1130-1230: Lunch

1230-1330: Prepare Out Brief for the three CAIs

1330-1400: Out Brief – Battlefield / Battlespace Awareness

1400-1430: Out Brief – Future Ground Mobility Strategic Alignment

1430-1500: Out Brief – Next Generation Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

1500: Closing Remarks

1530: ENDEX/Departure


How You Can Participate:

  1. Thank you for your interest in SWITCH22. Registration is now CLOSED. We look forward to seeing you at SWITCH 2023!
  2. Registered participants will receive an email confirmation on the status of your request to attend no later than 21 October 2022.
  3. Once approved, a Letter of Instruction with instructions for passing your clearance and other important details will be sent to you.

For event questions, contact the PEO SW SWITCH Action Officer: Jim McKinlay, Cell: (813) 507-1165,

For questions about NTS Pinewood, please contact: Aaron Whitney, Cell: (270) 978-2731,

For SOFWERX Registration Issues, please contact: Bridget Stauffer,

Event Location Map: NexTech Solutions, 6701 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL, 33611

Event Powered by SOFWERX
A non-profit organization partnered with USSOCOM; a platform to bring together innovators and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in an unclassified environment to solve challenges brought by Warfighters.