Synthetic Internet and Training Symposium (SITS)

01-03 June 2022

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SOFWERX, in collaboration with 4th Psychological Operations Group (POG), 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne), and United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) will host a Symposium to gather Warfighters, Industry, Academia, and National labs to learn more about currently available synthetic internet environments and technologies, how those current environments are useful now, what DoD’s long-term vision for synthetic internet might look like, and what gaps exist between the current-state and their long-term vision. The 3-day event will consist of a Demonstration Day, a Collaboration Event, and a Government Only Session and will take place on-site at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

Various synthetic internet capabilities exist in nascent form (e.g., replicating the internet within the safe isolation of training exercises). These capabilities range in utility based on: compatibility with third-party internet tools, interoperability for training between different units and Commands, levels of automation for generating realistic synthetic internet environments in time and scale, and complexity of machine behavioral responses.


  1. Educate leaders and innovators on the current state of synthetic internet capabilities.
  2. Define our future state/long-term vision by:
    • Uncovering collective concerns and future needs.
    • Ideating on the potential for future training capabilities, from the individual Information Advantage (IA) Soldier level to a Theater Army Commander.
  3. Encapsulate critical requirements for the next generation synthetic environment stemming from identified gaps for each of the IA Stakeholders Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities, and Policy (DOTMLPF-P) integration.

Why You Should Participate
It’s an opportunity for industry, laboratory and academic partners to better understand the operational needs of the Psychological Operations user community and to share their technology concepts for a future synthetic internet environment/tools that may feed into a future requirement.

01 June 2022 Industry Demonstration Day/Expo
SOFWERX and 4th POG will host an Industry Demonstration Day to explore various synthetic internet capabilities with the intent to potentially inform DoD’s long-term vision for synthetic internet.

During the event, invited participants will be given a table in an expo hall with the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with Government Stakeholders to demonstrate and/or discuss their solutions. 

01 June 2022 Tentative Agenda
All times listed in ET

0700 – 0800: Exhibitor Check-In and Set-Up
0800 – 0830: Government Attendee Check-In
0830 – 0845: SWX Admin Remarks and Agenda Overview
0845 – 0900: Stakeholder Opening Remarks (COL Stangle)
0900 – 0930: Keynote Speaker
09301000: Keynote Speaker
1000 – 1200: Expo Hall/Speed Dating Ongoing
1030 – 1200: One-on-One’s w/Government Ongoing (15 min brief, 5 min Q&A)
12001300: Lunch
13001600: Expo Hall/Speed Dating Ongoing
13001600: One-on-One’s w/Government Ongoing (15 min brief, 5 min Q&A)
1610 – 1630: Closing Remarks

Note: Agenda is subject to change

02 June 2022 Collaboration Event (CE) 
The Collaboration Event (CE) will be a compelling opportunity for the leading minds in Industry, Laboratory, Academic, and Non-Traditional fields to better understand and influence current synthetic internet environment needs. The event will be focused on identifying collective concerns and limitations, ways to overcome them, which determines future needs, and developing Blue Sky presentations so that potential technologies may be better applied to future efforts. During this event, Warfighters will interact with selected Industry, Academic, Laboratory, and Non-Traditional partners to further communicate operational needs, and/or desirements. This CE is also an opportunity for attendees to meet and form partnerships that may provide a more comprehensive solution. Participation in the event is not mandatory, however, it is designed to provide insights to ensure potential offerors understand the problem set(s) and increase the likelihood of matching technologies with SOF Warfighters’ needs. 

02 June 2022 Tentative Agenda
All times listed in ET

0800 – 0830: Attendee Check-In
0830 – 0845: SOFWERX Welcome & Intro’s
0845 – 0915: Stakeholder Problem Set and Overview 
0915 – 0935: Collective Concerns & Limitations Round 1
0935 – 1005: Collective Concerns & Limitations Round 2
1005 – 1015: Break
1015 – 1115: Future Needs (Overcoming Collective Concerns & Limitations) 
1115 – 1230: Lunch 
1230 – 1430: “Blue Sky” Action Plans Working Groups 
1430 – 1530: “Blue Sky” Action Plan Briefs
1545 – 1615: Voting
1615 – 1645: Wrap Up and Path Forward

Note: Agenda is subject to change

03 June 2022 Government Only Session
The Government only session will allow Government Stakeholders to prioritize their needs regarding the synthetic internet environment.

03 June 2022 Tentative Agenda
All times listed in ET

0800 – 0830: Check-In
0830 – 0950: Breakout Sessions
0950 – 1000: Break
1000 – 1020: Solution Briefs (LSCO TRAINING OBJS)
1040 – 1100: Solution Briefs (TRAINING OBJS IN A SIE – TECHNICAL)
1100 – 1200: Closing Remarks and Path Forward
1200 – 1230: Optional SWX 101

Note: Agenda is subject to change

03 June Event Resources/Outcomes

Collective Concerns and Ways to Overcome Click Here for Master List
Blue Sky Presentations: Click Here for Master Power Point w/ Scoring

How You Can Participate
Industry, Academia, Labs

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