Performance Monitoring Wearables Industry Demonstration Day


02-04 April 2024

Host Name: Claire Hawley

Location: SOFWERX

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Submissions Closed 05 March

SOFWERX, in collaboration with the Navy Special Warfare Center (NSWCEN), will host an Industry Day to allow potential vendors to demonstrate physiological monitoring capabilities. These engagements with Industry and Government Labs will help NSWCEN identify potential material solutions. NSWCEN intends to survey industry for mature, non-developmental, technology that may support rapid fielding of this capability.

NSWCEN seeks a technological capability to gather, ingest, store, analyze and monitor candidate physiological status during Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training and Basic Crewman Selection training (BUD/S and BCS). Additionally, NSWCEN requires automated data transfer, direct from device to NSWCEN data repository, with no upload or transfer through non-NSW information technology (e.g., devices, servers, or systems). The ability for seamless follow-on transfer to secure government data systems will be required. Current holistic monitoring capability does not exist. NSWCEN may consider inclusion of already Federal Government approved (via official authorization to operate (ATO) information technology) depending on the associated security controls. Industry should be prepared to provide copies of ATOs and any supporting documentation (e.g., privacy impact assessment) to NSWCEN for market research consideration. This type of automatic data transfer would allow for leadership, cadre and the human performance program staff to have a high level of awareness of candidate performance throughout BUD/S while keeping data secure on NSWCEN dashboards.

1) Explore potential wireless physiological monitoring devices/system capable of conducting continuous monitoring of physiological status (to include but not limited to heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep monitoring, body temperature deviation, exercise and activity volume and intensity) with automated data transfer from device to a secure NSWCEN data repository. The goal is to increase real-time situational awareness, candidate safety, data ingestion, storage, and analytical capability to predict and mitigate injury, and optimize performance monitoring. The wearable device itself would be durable for continuous use in varied arduous and tactical training environments including water, sand, and cold weather. Battery life in fully operational mode (i.e. recording and transmitting real-time data) shall be at least twelve (12) hours, optimally twenty-four (24) hours on one charge. Self-charging is optimal/preferred.

2) Wireless communication hub and web server: “Bluetooth Router” or similar networking infrastructure to eliminate the need for a mobile device and mobile application in the loop. No dependency on, upload to, or transmission through- external network connectivity. Fully functional on a local, standalone network.

Software: Web Application for viewing physiological status metrics (individual and macro views), managing active/connected devices, and setting alerting parameters.

Why You Should Participate
USSOCOM seeks to enter into non-FAR or FAR-based agreements with Industry, Academic, and National Lab partners whose solutions are favorably evaluated by the NSWC Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). As such, the follow-on Assessment Event (AE) is considered competitive and solutions will be evaluated independently of one another primarily for technical merit. This serves dually as notification of the intent to research the feasibility of an agreement under 10 U.S. Code, Section 4022 and/or Section 4022(f), and as notice of pre-solicitation activities IAW FAR 5.204.

Event Timeline
Completed Phase 1 - 09 February 2024 to 05 March 2024 Submissions to the Industry Demo Day Open: Interested respondents who could potentially provide solutions that meet the needs of NSWCEN are encouraged to submit their capability for NSWCEN review and for market research purposes. To submit your technology for potential Phase 3 please review the assessment criteria and follow the submission instructions at the bottom of the webpage. 

Completed Phase 2 - 06 March 2024 to 15 March 2024 Submission Review: NSWCEN will identify those will identify those respondents/submissions they feel have the highest potential to satisfy their technology needs and extend an invitation to attend the Demonstration Day on/around 18 March.

Phase 3 - 02 April 2024 to 04 April 2024 Industry Demo Day: During the event, selected participants will be allotted a one-on-one session with the NSWCEN evaluation panel to demonstrate their solutions. The forum will include a Q&A portion and discussions may continue outside of the event. Demonstration Day guidelines will be outlined in the event invitation and solutions will be reviewed according to the criteria in the link provided below. 

This event will be held in person at SOFWERX. 

Phase 4 - Path Forward: Based on the outcomes of the Industry Demonstration Day one-on-one sessions, NSWCEN will determine an appropriate acquisition strategy for its requirement. Successfully negotiated awards may fall under any combination of these categories:

NOTE: Awardees may need to be compliant with NIST SP 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in Non-Federal Systems and Organizations

How You Can Participate 

Government: If you would like to observe the Demo Day, please request attendance using this link.


For event-related questions, please contact Claire Hawley

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