USSOCOM Non-FAR Acquisition Tools Training

18-19 January 2023

RSVP NLT 11 January 2023


SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a Non-FAR Acquisition Tools Training to include Other Transaction Authority (OTA), Middle Tier Authority (MTA) and Partnership Intermediary Agreements (PIA), led by Strategic Institute, with the goal to educate Government customers on how to utilize non-FAR contracting mechanisms as well as commercial Business to Business (B2B)/Research and Development (R&D) agreements through SOFWERX.

*From the Strategic Institute Website (

Strategic Institute for Innovation in Government Contracting is focused on education and consulting services to improve government and industry thinking for advancing science, technology, and most importantly new capability using Other Transactions (OTs) authorities.

*From the Strategic Institute Website (

OTs, if understood, can liberate the mind and promote thinking about entirely new ways of doing federal business. Unfortunately, practitioners have seen one example of the use of OTs, conclude that they know what OTs are and how to use them. These blinders obscure solutions readily available. There is a serious need for education and general support for flexible contracting for the purposes of delivering innovation and R&D. For the Department of Defense, this lack of education ignores a congressional mandate (10 U.S.C 4021 (g)). What is clear is the usefulness of existing statutes is being lost, as are many potentially fruitful opportunities. The need is known, solutions are available and immediately actionable…what is everyone waiting for?

Event Agenda

Wednesday, 18 January

0900-0930: Introductions and Why use Other Transactions

  • Meeting and Organization: Greetings and Pertinent Info
  • Understanding a few encompassing points about OTs

0930-0945: They Came from Outer Space:  Origins of Other Transactions

  • Understand historical origins and why OTs exist

0945-1045: Statutes, Applicability & Pathways

  • Understand the statutes – how they apply to R&D and what R&D and/or acquisition pathways they can enable

1045-1100: Break

1100-1200: OTs are FAR out: Varieties of Other Transactions

  • Learn different approaches both popular and potential
  • Consortia model

1200-1300: Lunch

1300-1330: Middle Tier of Acquisition

  • Discuss the alternative acquisition pathways MTA provides

1330-1415: Essential Ingredient for Success: The Importance of the Team

  • Understand what the essential qualities of an OT action team are

1415-1445: UnFARking your OT Agreement

  • Understand the Other in Other Transactions Agreement
  • Learn why FAR-thinking and OTs don’t mix

1445-1500: Break

1500-1530: Power of the PIA

  • Other Transactions and Partnership Intermediaries are ideally suited

1530-End: Q&A

Thursday, 19 January 

0900-0915: Q&A 

0915-0945: What Does & Does Not Apply

  • Clarify what rules and laws are applicable and what is not

0945-1045: Where the Rubber hits the Road: Negotiating Other Transactions Agreements

  • Understanding how negotiating OT’s and common terms and conditions compare to traditional contracting

1045-1100: Break

1100-1200: Whiteboarding Session: Project Workshop

  • Gain real world understanding of how innovative contracting can facilitate project goals; and start the planning process/strategic doing in context of an actual project

1200-1300: Lunch

1300-1500: Whiteboarding sessions (cont’d)

1500-End: Q&A, Wrap-up

*Agenda is subject to change

How You Can Participate
Government Attendees (70 Attendees MAX)

  1. In-person attendance is preferred, but there will be a virtual component. 
  2. RSVP to the 18-19 January 2023 Training: Click Here to RSVP (NLT 11 January 2023)

For event-related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim,