Naval Special Warfare Command Lessons Learned Program Collaboration Event

CANCELED 31 March 2020

Request to Attend: CLOSED

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for your interest in the NSW Lessons Learned Program Collaboration Event. We are humbled by the amount of interest from all corners of industry, academia, and military, and extremely impressed with the eagerness with which you volunteered to attend. Unfortunately, with respect to the COVID-19 environment, the event is canceled.  Due to our compressed timeline, we are unable to reschedule the event.

We also would like to thank the SOFWERX team for their fantastic communication and flexibility throughout this entire process. SOFWERX is the leading edge of innovation and development of solutions to the modern problems warfighters face. Please consider joining their ecosystem and attending future workshops!

If you have any project specific questions, comments or general feedback, please feel free to reach out to one of us between now and the end of April and we will happily discuss more details of the research and some of our ideas so far.

Again, we are humbled and greatly appreciative of the immense response to our project, and want to thank you all. Hopefully our paths will meet again!


Brian Bird and William Race
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA”

On 31 March, SOFWERX in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) Lessons Learned Program (LLP) Collaboration Event (CE). The event will explore challenges and issues with Operators’ use of the existing LLP across the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community and develop solutions to expand knowledge of the program, improve user accessibility, and increase the overall use of the program to better spread and conserve unique NSW knowledge into the future.

Methodology: Attendees will work to address the challenges of human factors involved with capturing, analyzing, and disseminating knowledge by leveraging personal and professional experience and expertise. NSW operators will collaborate with invited members of industry, academia and non-traditional subject matter experts to define current and projected issues, as well as ways to overcome those challenges of import. Teams will develop short (<1 year), middle (1-3 years) and long-range (3+ years) solutions to improve the LLP, as well as innovative ways of sharing and conserving knowledge within NSW. These solutions will be used to develop an LLP strategy aimed at expanding operator knowledge, improving accessibility, and increasing the overall use of the NSW LLP.

Why Should You Participate? Help Naval Special Warfare explore the problem and meet the challenge of improving knowledge sharing and conservation. This event is an opportunity to collaborate with the leading minds in military, industry, academia, and non-traditional fields to better understand and influence the future needs of NSW’s LLP and conservation of knowledge.

0800-0815: Attendee Check-In (Doors open at 0800)
0815-0900: SOFWERX Welcome and Intro’s
0900-0930: Stakeholder Remarks/Problem Set and Overview
0930-1030: Limiting Factors Breakout Session (2 Rounds at 20 minutes each)
1030-1045: Break
1045-1145: Overcoming Limiting Factors Breakout Session (2 rounds at 25 minutes each)
1145-1300: Lunch
1300-1500: “Blue Sky” Action Plans Working Groups
1500-1515: Break
1515-1600: “Blue Sky” Action Plan Briefs
1600-1615: Break & Voting
1615-1630: Path Forward
1630-1730: Government Only Session
1730: No Host Social (Location TBD)
*Agenda Subject to Change

Participants Desired:
20 x NSW Operators (SO/SB)
10 x Academia
10 x Industry
10 x Non-Traditional Subject Matter Experts
Retired Admirals
Retired NSW Civilians
Current Lessons Learned Program Managers

Event Location:
1925 E 2nd Avenue, Suite 102
Tampa, FL 33605

For event-related questions, contact LT Brian Bird or LT Will Race

For facility and lodging-related questions, please contact Keri Cline at