USSOCOM SOF AT&L Science & Technology Innovation Foundry Event (IF5)

Collaboration Event (CE)

10-12 March 2020

Host Name: Event Team

Location: SOFWERX

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USSOCOM Innovation Foundry Event (IF5)

10-12 March 2020

Request to Attend Deadline Closed on 13 February 

U.S. Citizens Only

On 10-12 March, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM's Directorate of Science and Technology, will host the Fifth Innovation Foundry Event (IF5). The objective is to bring together Special Forces Operators and Subject Matter Experts to assist USSOCOM in discerning future capability areas for tech exploration for Special Operations Forces (SOF) in their conduct of Unconventional Warfare (UW). The focus of the event is the impacts of Space, Cyber Space and the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) on the mission set. IF5 will scope these future technology-based capabilities in the time frame of 7-15 years, utilizing design thinking to explore concepts and capabilities that could be used to conduct missions described in USSOCOM’s Operating Concept 2030. Why Should You Participate? The event will be a compelling opportunity for the leading minds in Industry, Academia, and Government, as well as Subject Matter Experts in Electronic Warfare, non-traditional Space, Space lift and logistics and C4ISR to better decompose and influence the future needs of SOF and its technology investments. SOCOM has also used Innovation Foundries to build key relationships with local and regional entrepreneurs and technology developers.


Attendees will work as teams focused on the following concept areas:
  • Develop future concepts related to SOF disruption or destruction of a peer adversary’s terrestrial-based space assets. Additionally, develop Space C4ISR capabilities needed to enable a tactical advantage for SOF Operators in support of an Unconventional Warfare (UW) operation under a peer adversary’s influence.
  • Enable SOF tactical and operational advantage while conducting UW in contested environments and denied areas.
  • Teams will identify 1) What solutions would allow for SOF disruption or destruction of enemy space assets in contested environments and denied areas, and 2) What C4ISR capabilities would enable SOF to gain an advantage in a high-tech, low-tech or no-tech environment. The Facilitation Team will define current and projected limitations and allow teams to innovate novel solutions and ways to overcome the challenges defined in the scenario.
“The scenarios were sophisticated and intentionally difficult in order to drive new and creative approaches to the problem sets.” —RDML Rodriguez (NSWC Deputy), IF3 Event Overview Phase I – 23 January to 12 February – Submissions Open: Space, Cyber Space and Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (C4ISR) Subject Matter Experts and visionaries from Industry, Laboratory and Academic fields will request to attend the IF5 Event by submitting a CV below NLT 12 February 2020. Phase II – 12 February to 19 February – SME Selection: The Future's Team from the Directorate of Science and Technology will downselect 50 participants to attend the IF5 event. Selected participants will be notified via e-mail o/a 19 February. Phase III – 10 March to 12 March – Innovation Foundry 5 Event: During the event, selected participants will collaborate and ideate with fellow Subject Matter Experts, the S&T Future's Team and SOF Operators on the concept areas above. Tentative Agenda 10 March 0800-0900: Arrival & Check-In 0900-0955: Welcome Aboard/FOC Brief 0955-1015: Break 1015-1130: Ideation Scenario 1130-1315: Lunch (On Your Own) 1315-1410: Concepting Scenario 1410-1430: Break 1430-1500: Wrap Up 1500-1530: End of Day Remarks 1700: Optional No Host Social at Coppertail Brewing Co., 2601 E 2nd Ave, Tampa, FL 33605 11 March 0800-0815: Welcome Warmup 0815-0830: Review 0830-1000: Concepting Scenario 1000-1020: Break 1020-1200: Concepting Scenario 1200-1315: Lunch (On Your Own) 1315-1330: Review 1330-1410: Concepting Scenario 1410-1430: Break 1430-1515: Wrap Up 1515-1545: End of Day Remarks 12 March 0800-0815: Welcome Warmup 0815-0945: Finalize Concepts 0945-1005: Break 1005-1105: Finalize Concepts and Rehearse Concept Pitches 1105-1315: Lunch (On Your Own) 1315-1430: Rehearse Concept Pitches 1430-1530: Executive Outbrief 1530-1600: Wrap Up 1600: End of Event Remarks Read Ahead Definitions: Click Here to Review USSOCOM 2019 Fact Book: Click Here to Review Location SOFWERX 1925 E 2nd Ave Tampa, FL 33605 Suite 102 Questions For event related questions, please contact Tania Steele, For technical questions, please contact Carl Havens,


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