Day and Night Heads Up Display (DANHUD)

Assessment Event (AE)

25-27 June 2024

Host Name: Kristen Foraker

Location: SOFWERX

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 U.S. Citizens Only, ITAR Restricted


SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM Program Executive Office Special Operation Forces – Warrior (PEO-SW) will host the Day and Night Heads Up Display (DANHUD) Assessment Event (AE) to identify solutions to enhance operator capability and situational awareness in both day and night conditions and decrease white-light self-illumination risk.

With the rapid advancements in both Augmented Reality (AR) and plug-ins that provide additional capability to the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), USSOCOM operators require a device that can display a wide variety of information without requiring the operator to look down at the End User Device (EUD) display on their chest. Such a device is expected to take the form of a look-through Heads-Up-Display (HUD) that would either mount onto the operator’s helmet or be integrated into ballistic eye wear, allowing for seamless heads-up operation. Because ATAK and future AR initiatives provide capability in both day and night conditions, this HUD device needs to be capable of being bright enough to be seen in sunlight, but also be used in conjunction with an operator’s Night Vision Goggles (NVG). Thus, the name for this device – Day And Night Heads-Up-Display (DANHUD). 

Additionally, the operator must be able to quickly and easily change the type and number of battery cells powering their NVGs and the DANHUD system via a Modular Smart Battery Pack, allowing flexibility/adaptability in degraded logistics situations.

The objective is to discover and develop a HUD system (including a Modular Smart Battery Pack) that is capable of working both ‘stand-alone’ in daylight conditions and in conjunction with currently issued NVGs and future Advanced NVGs (such as the L3Harris Fusion Binocular (F-BINO) or Fused Panoramic NVG (F-PANO)) with integrated cameras/displays for night operation. Additionally, the HUD system needs to be able to receive data from an EUD-operating ATAK and be capable of powering and interfacing with helmet-mounted directional laser warning devices. The solutions provider(s) shall create an Interface Control Document (ICD) that allows ‘plug-and-play’ upgrades to the DANHUD system in the future. They should also expect to collaborate with USSOCOM operators to refine operator touch points and functionality throughout the development of the system.

Potential solutions providers should propose to each individual area (DANHUD Display Hardware, Modular Smart Battery Pack, and/or DANHUD Display Software) separately if they wish propose against more than one area. Potential solutions providers should be prepared to work collaboratively with other companies.

Why You Should Participate
USSOCOM seeks to enter into non-FAR or FAR-based agreements with Industry, Academic, and National Lab partners whose solutions are favorably evaluated by PEO-SW Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). As such, the follow-on Assessment Event (AE) is considered competitive, and solutions will be evaluated independently of one another primarily for technical merit. This serves dually as notification of the intent to research the feasibility of an agreement under 10 U.S. Code, Section 4022 and/or Section 4022(f), and as notice of pre-solicitation activities IAW FAR 5.204.

Event Timeline
Phase 1 - 09 April 2024 to 22 May 2024 Submissions to the Assessment Event (AE) Open: Interested respondents who could potentially provide solutions that meet the needs of USSOCOM are encouraged to submit their capability for USSOCOM review. To submit your technology for potential Phase 3 attendance, please review the assessment criteria and follow the submission instructions at the bottom of this webpage.

Completed Phase 1a - 29 April 2024 Q&A Telecon: Interested offerors may participate in a virtual Q&A session to better understand the PM's specific technology objectives. The telecon will take place on 29 April from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET.

Phase 2 - 23 May 2024 to 03 June 2024 Downselect: USSOCOM will downselect those respondents/submissions they feel have the highest potential to satisfy their technology needs. Favorably evaluated submissions will receive an invitation to attend the AE on/around 04 June.

Phase 3 - 25 June 2024 to 27 June 2024 Assessment Event (AE): During the AE, selected participants will be allotted a one-on-one session with the USSOCOM evaluation panel to pitch, demonstrate, and/or discuss their solutions. The forum will include a Q&A portion and discussions may continue outside of the event. Solution brief presentation guidelines will be outlined in the event invitation and solutions will be assessed according to the criteria in the link provided below. If the USSOCOM evaluation panel favorably evaluates a solution brief, negotiations for Phase 4 may immediately begin.

This event will be held in person at SOFWERX but will have a virtual component. 

Phase 4 - Path Forward: Successfully negotiated awards may fall under any combination of these categories:

NOTE: Awardees may need to be compliant with NIST SP 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in Non-Federal Systems and Organizations

How You Can Participate
Government, Industry, Academia, National Labs, and Non-Traditional Attendees

  1. Review the Q&A Telecon Transcript: Click Here to Review
  2. Review Assessment Criteria: Click Here to Review
  3. Download the White Paper Template: Click Here to Download
  4. Complete the Submission Form: Click Here to Submit


For event-related questions, please contact Kristen Foraker

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