Update from SOFWERX:
COVID-19 Impacts as of
14 May 2020


Due to the changing environment regarding COVID-19, and our desire to promote a safe work environment for our internal and external teammates, the following will be implemented effective until 29 May 2020.

Facility Update:

  • SOFWERX will be closed for routine tours, events, and general public access.
  • Partners who have anything scheduled with SOFWERX during this time are asked to contact our Front of House via email, at [email protected], to reschedule these engagements.
  • The USSOCOM Data Engineering Lab is slowly reintegrating beginning 18 May 2020.

Events Update:

  • The Next Generation WAN Optimization Assessment Event is currently being worked through. Stay tuned for the final date. 
  • The Blast Exposure Monitoring (BEMO) System Assessment Event will be conducted virtually.
  • The Suppressor Tech Transfer Event will be conducted virtually.
  • The Target Location Device (TLD) Assessment Event will be conducted virtually.
  • The Dry Combat Submersible (DCS) Transporter Collaboration Event will be conducted virtually.
  • The Federated Co-Production of 3D Geospatial Data Assessment Event will be conducted virtually. 

General Update:

  • SOFWERX will continue to meet the objectives outlined in our Partnership with USSOCOM and all on-going projects will continue unabated. Current and near-future agreements will be supported via routine (agreed upon) telecons to ensure continued progress and administrative oversight.

As Local, State, and Federal Executive decisions are made, we will adjust the above to ensure continuity of service and keep everyone informed via our website and ecosystem announcements. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Please contact SOFWERX, [email protected]