3D Geospatial Series Tech Sprint II – OGC CDB 2.0 


SWX Event Coordinator: Jessica Pecoraro, jessica.pecoraro@sofwerx.org

Government POC: Tracey Birch, tracey.birch@cloudlakellc.com


Tech Sprint Phase I: Planning
11 May: Government Stakeholder meeting

14 May: Government Stakeholder finalizes synopsis/focus areas
14 May: SOFWERX prepares website, templates, RSVP forms, and marketing materials

Phase II: Webpage Live
21 May: SOFWERX conducts market research

21 May: SOFWERX send target research

Phase III: RSVP Closed
05 June: Finalize agenda
05 June: Finalize CE documents
15 June: RSVP closed for Government

Phase IV: Event Logistics
15 June: SOFWERX sends reminder email
15 June: Stakeholder conducts a walk-through
15 June: Finalize feedback form

Phase V: Post-Event
05 October: Hot wash with Stakeholder
31 October: SOFWERX sends roll up to Stakeholder and AA
31 October: Results and path forward


Tech Sprint Phase 1: Planning 
14 May: Government Stakeholder finalizes synopsis and focus areas

20 May: SOFWERX prepares webpage, templates, RSVP/submissions forms, and marketing materials

– Submission Template: Click Here to Review 

– Example RSVP form for Government: Click Here to Review

Give them a screenshot of the submittable form and link it

Tech Sprint Phase 2: Submissions Open
21 May: Sends mass email to SOFWERX Ecosystem
21 May SOFWERX creates marketing materials and posts event information on social media
21 May: SOFWERX creates a promo slide and sends to USSOCOM PAO
21 May: SOFWERX conducts market research and sends targeted invites
21 May: Government Stakeholder releases on beta.SAM.gov
21 May: Government answers questions from potential offerors on telecon
21 May SOFWERX pulses number of submissions and sends additional targeted invites/reminders as necessary

05 June: Submissions Due – by 11:59 PM EST

Tech Sprint Phase 3: Initial Assessments and Invitations to Event
06 June – 10 June: Government Stakeholder downselects companies
NOTE: Companies must be contacted NLT 3 Weeks Before

  1. Review Submission Report: Click Here to Review Your Event Submissions In Real Time
  2. Download Report and add “Invite?” Column
  3. Indicate “Yes” or “No” to each CAPABILITY

11 June: Government Stakeholder sends final list of invited companies to SOFWERX Event Coordinator
11 June: SOFWERX drafts and sends agenda with companies slotted to Stakeholder
11 June: SOFWERX sends consolations and invitations to submitters (Invitations include selected capability name and scheduled presentation times)

– Invitation Letter Example: Click Here to Review EXAMPLE Congratulatory Letter from SOFWERX
– Consolation Letter Example: Click Here to Review EXAMPLE Letter from SOFWERX

Tech Sprint Phase 4: Event Logistics
XX Month: Selected companies RSVP deadline
XX Month: Kickoff meeting
TBD June: SOFWERX sends additional event details/updates & reminder email to invited companies
TBD June: SOFWERX sends Government Stakeholder finalized agenda
22-26 June Virtual Tech Sprint

Phase 5: Post-Event
26 June SOFWERX Sends event roll-up to Government Stakeholder and AA
26 June: SOFWERX sends all participants a link to complete feedback (Stakeholder decides what to provide to attendees)
26 June: SOFWERX creates event wrapper and posts on SOFWERX website
26 June: Hot Wash with Stakeholders and SOFWERX
~2 Weeks After: Results/Path Forward and Follow-On Projects/Activities